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Rennie Dyball
December 01, 2010 05:20 PM

When Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement, another woman named Kate’s life changed forever.

Kate Bevan, 21, bears such a striking resemblance to the princess-to-be that she decided to quit her job and launch a business venture based on her looks: She’s going to be a professional Kate Middleton lookalike.

“I went out to buy a sandwich and I was stopped four times by people in the street,” Bevan, a pharmaceutical assistant, tells the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

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It seems she’ll do well with the new gig: Bevan had been told for years that she looked like Middleton, but since the engagement, “it’s been unreal,” she says. “Nearly everyone who comes through the pharmacy door makes a comment and gawps in total shock.”

Kate Bevan and Mark Rattiganis

But before the locals will truly do a double take, Bevan will have to take on her doppelganger’s voice as well as her looks. So she’s lined up dialect lessons to lose her own West Midlands accent in order to sound more like the more sophisticated Middleton.

A newlywed herself (she was married in May), Bevan – who says she feels “like a celebrity” with all the attention – gushed about her own prince, whom she fancies far more than the one who will be king.

“My husband looks more like Harry than William,” says Bevan. “I think William is pleasant looking but he wouldn’t be my type.”

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