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Kate Middleton – Oh, So Loverly as Eliza Doolittle at Age 11

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Danny Lawson/Getty

Is the Duchess of Cambridge a Cockney?

An 11-year-old Kate Middleton gives the working-class accent her best shot in a recently unearthed video of the schoolgirl starring in a production of My Fair Lady at her posh private school, The Sun reports.

“The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain,” she uttered before refining her accent while in character as Eliza Doolittle, the flower girl Professor Henry Higgins rescues, trains and then passes off as an English aristocrat.

Middleton, now 32, was apparently a hit: The audience can be heard encouragingly laughing as the future princess delivers her lines.

Although Middleton was certainly not raised in Eliza Doolittle-like conditions, the story of a girl who rises above her upbringing certainly foreshadows her future. As the world knows, she went on to marry Prince William and give birth to baby George, now third in line to the British throne.

The St. Andrews school play also connects Middleton to another example of British aristocracy, as demonstrated each week on Downton Abbey. Her costar in the production is then-classmate Andrew Alexander, who now stars as party boy Sir John Bullock on the hit PBS drama.