People Staff
March 30, 2013 10:45 AM

She cheerfully models a “Baby on board!” button for the Queen while visiting the London tube (“I’ll make sure I wear this at home,” joked Kate), exchanges loving glances with Will while comforting the bereaved, rhapsodizes about cupcakes in a class full of school kids – those storied second-trimester hormones must be kicking in.

As Kate’s plans for baby kick into high gear (she’s shopping for her nursery in Kensington Palace with a move-in date set for early fall), the ever more radiant princess, 31, “feels she’s thriving,” says family friend Julia Samuel, who spent time with Kate and Will at the Child Bereavement U.K. charity on March 19.

“It was like they showered starlight on everybody,” she says, “because everybody who met them was left with a glow.” Prince William, get out your sunglasses: It’ll only get brighter from here.

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