Nate Jones
July 18, 2014 08:45 AM

Eight years before The College Dropout put him on the map, Kanye West was just another aspiring rapper freestyling in a record store.

In this recently unearthed clip, 19-year-old Kanye is seen rapping at New York City record store Fat Beats in August 1996. As the store’s former manage DJ Eclipse told Complex, the footage comes from the grand opening of the store’s Sixth Avenue location, a landmark in New York City underground hip-hop scene until its closing in 2010.

A Chicago native, Kanye flew out to New York specifically for the event, a fact he referenced in his verse that day: “Rhymes for low fare / Flying out of O’Hare.”

Elsewhere, Kanye calls his rapping “mad ironic like Alanis Morissette” and says he stole his flow from the future. Little did he know how prophetic those words would be.

He would receive his first paid production credits on an album only months later.

Watch the video above. The language may be slightly NSFW, but no worse than the average rap track released in 1996.

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