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5 Other Ways Kanye West Could Have Proposed to Kim Kardashian

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Splash News Online

We weren’t sure we believed in loved anymore until Kanye West rented out a stadium, hired an orchestra and set off a Katy Perry song’s worth of fireworks to propose to Kim Kardashian on Monday.

“PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!” read the Jumbotron, and, really, how could Kardashian decline that 15-carat diamond ring?

But how does West’s over-the-top display compare to these non-Hollywood proposals that went viral sans a guest list of Kardashians?

1. Kanye stayed grounded

West could have really taken his proposal to new heights – we’re talking about 30,000 feet up in the air, you guys – if he had popped the question inside a plane. In a September 2012 video, a pilot leads his almost-fiancée to believe they’re going to crash (ahhh). When he instructs her to read through the plane’s emergency procedure, she finds his proposal written out instead (awww).

2. Kanye didn’t stand on a bus

Instead of sitting around the AT&T Park in San Francisco, the entire Kardashian family could have fit in this bus. Bonus points if baby North looked on from a car seat as West popped the question using a series of hand-written notes.

3. Kanye didn’t get that flashy

We’re not really confident Kimye shops at Home Depot, where a Salt Lake City man proposed to his fiancé with the help of a flash mob in a video that went viral in September.

4. Kanye didn’t ask the Kardashian family to lip-sync a Bruno Mars song

In a May 2012 proposal, a man enlisted the help of family and friends to serenade his lady love as she was chauffeured along via horse-drawn carriage … er, a Honda CR-V.

5. Kanye didn’t make it a movie – yet

We wouldn’t necessarily be surprised if the Kimye love story comes to a theater near you one day, but until then, this trailer-themed marriage proposal from 2011 gets our Oscar nod.