22 Celebrities Who’ve Called Chicago Home 

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Kanye West

The creative genius may have been born in Atlanta, but it is the city of Chicago that clearly influenced him — particularly with his newborn daughter's name. And on his song "Homecoming," West refers to the Windy City at least 10 times. After collaborating with local Chicago artists and receiving an honorary doctorate from the Art Institute of Chicago, there's no doubt that the rapper owes much of his artistic inspiration to the city.

Ben Savage

How could we forget the actor who won over our hearts as the sweet Corey Matthews on the '90s sitcom, Boy Meets World? Savage was born and raised in Chicago, as was his equally famous older brother, Fred.

Shonda Rhimes

Rhimes, creator of the hit TV shows, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, and Chicago native, told the Chicago Tribune that she spent much of her childhood inventing made-up characters and stories to cope with standing out in a predominantly white elementary school in her suburban hometown. Luckily for us, her imaginary Shondaland became the television production company that we cannot get enough of today.

Cindy Crawford

Crawford has her suburban Chicago roots to thank for her renowned all-American, girl next-door persona. Crawford told the Chicago Tribune in 2015 that her Midwestern background is the reason she stay grounded throughout her modeling career.
Harrison Ford

The actor best known for his iconic roles as Han Solo and Indiana Jones may have been born and raised in Chicago but the city did not spark his interest in performing. Interestingly enough, the Hollywood star focused on social sciences while in Chicago and didn’t jump-start his acting career until he went to college in Wisconsin.

Hillary Clinton

The 2016 Democratic nominee for the President of the United States was born and raised in the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge before moving to the White House to serve as the First Lady in 1992. Clinton must’ve established deep roots in her hometown: for she successfully won the state of Illinois in the 2016 primary elections.

John Cusack

Chicago is where this ‘80s movie star got his start in show business. The Sixteen Candles actor began perfecting his skills as a performer in Chicago’s very own Piven Theatre Workshop (named for fellow Chicago native Jeremy Piven's family) while he was still in elementary school. He’s also a diehard Chicago Cubs fan!

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco first started making music in the basement of his Westside Chicago home and rose to A-list status after his mix-tapes were noticed by Jay-Z. Since then his roots have largely influenced his music—"Go Go Gadget Flow," a song from his 2007 album The Cool, is practically an ode to the city.

Bill Murray

Before Murray came to New York City to kick off his career on Saturday Night Live, the iconic comedian joined Chicago’s Second City improvisational comedy troupe to keep himself out of trouble as a kid. 

Jennifer Hudson  

Hudson grew up in a close-knit family in the neighborhood of Englewood in Chicago. She may have left the city to find fame on American Idol but the Oscar-winning star stays grounded by frequently visiting her hometown.

Karlie Kloss

Model Kloss may currently be traveling the world in luxury to walk in the shows of fashion’s elite designers, but her career roots were first set down in Chicago. Kloss told ELLE that her start in modeling was random and her first gigs were scattered all over Chicago for obscure bridal magazines before she ventured to New York City.

Jenny McCarthy

TV personality McCarthy owes her strong will and perseverance to her upbringing in the resilient South Side neighborhood of Chicago. After being turned down by modeling agencies, McCarthy didn’t give up, and started getting media attention after auditioning for a modeling gig at Chicago’s Playboy Headquarters.

Keke Palmer

The actress and singer may have left her hometown to pursue her acting career in California, but Palmer has Chicago to thank for exposing her to show business: She got her start performing in a local stage show as a child.

Sherri Shepherd

The comedian and TV talk-show host was born and raised in Chicago before she got her first big break in comedy. Shepherd discovered that her humor could help her deal with bullies at a young age — it would also eventually help her win an Emmy too!

Jennifer Morrison

Morrison prepared for her big-time roles in both the fairy-tale inspired TV show, Once Upon a Time, and the medical drama, House, while she was growing up in Chicago. The actress studied theater at Loyola University Chicago and then went onto perform for Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company before she left for Hollywood. 
Kiernan Shipka

The Mad Men actress and current it-girl left her hometown in Chicago at a very young age to get her start in show business. And though her home base is now Los Angeles, Shipka told Chicago Splash that every year on the Fourth of July, Chicago is where she will be.

Gina Rodriguez

The Golden-Globe-winning actress grew up in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood of Chicago and got her start in acting when she landed a role in her school’s production of A Chorus Line.

Jesse Williams

Better known in our hearts and on the TV screen as Dr. Jackson Avery in Grey’s Anatomy, Williams is a true Chicago native. The actor told Michigan Ave Mag that his time spent in Chicago has given him the life experiences he needs to succeed in his creative field.

Barack & Michelle Obama

The love story of the United States’ power couple started in Chicago. Michelle, a Chicago native, and Barack, a recent transplant, met and fell in love while working at a Chicago law firm. Their love story continued and the couple married in Chicago, landed jobs at the University of Chicago, and moved to Kenwood to start their family before relocating to the White House. They'll soon be back a lot: Barack's presidential library is slated to open on the city's South Side in 2021.

Chance the Rapper

Before anyone knew his name, Chance performed at Chicago’s YOUmedia youth center. The emerging rapper credits the city for the success of his music (his recent mix tape Coloring Book was the first streaming-only album to land on the Billboard 200 chart), explaining to SPIN that his experiences there make his music relatable to everyone. He's also an advocate for the city's public schools, donating $2 million in 2017 alone.

Oprah Winfrey

Although Winfery was born and raised in Mississippi and didn’t find herself in Chicago until she was 30, Chicago is the place where the talk show host made a name for herself with her televised talk show, the Oprah Winfrey Show.

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