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The Most Memorable Celebrity Grand Gestures of 2013

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Rob Rich/WENN

Some stars twerk and tongue-waggle their way to the top, others let their work and amazing gif-able dance skills help them ascend the celebrity ladder. Wild or subdued, almost every famous person has a moment – or several – where they do something so over-the-top the whole word has to stop and go, “Wow!”

Whether they performed amazing acts of altruism or showed off insane spectacles of fame, some stars got our attention in a big way this year. See our top choices for the grandest celebrity gestures of 2013.

Kanye‘s Proposal to Kim

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get engaged
Don’t deny it, 2013 has been the unofficial year of Kimye. The couple welcomed baby North, premiered a steamy video and had close to every moment of their lives photographed. However, the couple’s most excessive moment had to be their engagement. Giant ring, jumbotron, string instruments and a proposal laden with extra vowels, this engagement moment really had it all. Now we have to prepare for the wedding.

Sean Parker’s Wedding

Alexandra Lenas and Sean Parker
Mark Seliger
Speaking of weddings, this year’s most elaborate nuptials has to go to Napster (and Facebook) mastermind Sean Parker. He and his bride, Alexandra Lenas, spent a reported $9 million transforming The Ventana Inn in Big Sur, Calif., into a fairytale dreamscape full of flowers, elaborate backdrops, cottages and some of Silicon Valley’s most powerful people. The wedding quickly became infamous after stunning photos from the event were released and met with a mix of awe and contempt.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Wed Again

In 2013, this couple renewed their vows for a second time. After choosing to recommit to each other in Paris in 2012, Cannon and Carey decided to keep things stateside this time. The pair shutdown Disneyland to renew their vows on their fifth wedding anniversary. The singer didn’t simply walk down the aisle, she showed up to the ceremony in a crystal carriage – dressed the part of a princess. After the vows were exchanged, their 250 guests were treated to fireworks and free rides on the theme park’s attractions.

Holly Madison’s Disneyland Wedding

Holly Madison and Pasquale Rotella
Courtesy Holly Madison
The happiest place on Earth sure knows how to make celebrity couples smile. Former Girls Next Door star Holly Madison traded in the Playboy Mansion for Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Madison also shutdown Disneyland this year to get her own happily ever after. She and husband Pasquale Rotella had an elaborate nighttime ceremony at the theme park, complete with pyrotechnics.

Bob Barker Gives Big to the Elephants

Bob Barker with Lucy, one of the elephants he helped to transport to an animal sanctuary in 2013
Ian Jackson/The Canadian Press/AP
Any price is right for Bob Barker when an animal’s health and happiness is at stake. The former game show host paid close to $1 million this year to help transport three elephants from a crowded zoo to a spacious animal sanctuary. The former Price Is Right frontman plans to spend every penny he has earned on causes he cares about.

Tom Hiddleston’s Good Deeds

Hiddleston has spent most of 2013 mesmerizing fans with his adorable antics – dancing included. But the real reason the charming Avengers actor earns a spot on this list is because of all the little things he has done to help others. This year, we’ve seen the actor offer his coat to an interviewer, bring a thermos of soup to a freezing red carpet reporter, surprise schoolchildren and generally be a gentleman to just about everyone. All those little things add up to one grand year.

Aaron Paul’s Anti-Bullying Awareness

Aaron Paul
Mark Davis/Getty
Paul used his Jesse Pinkman-powered fame to do good in 2013. The Breaking Bad star helped his wife, Lauren Parsekian, raise $1.8 million for her anti-bullying campaign called The Kind Campaign. Paul helped create a contest for his fans interested in donating to the cause. The winners were personally picked up by Paul to attend both the Breaking Bad finale viewing party and a free fake “cooking” session.

Justin Bieber Carried Up The Great Wall of China

This has been a dramatic year for Bieber, and the singer did not help matters when he asked his team to carry him up the Great Wall of China. The questionable move spread around social media and the response to Bieber’s shoulder ride across one of the wonders of the world wasn’t complimentary. Hopefully the 19-year-old has learned a lesson, and he’ll put his extensive collection of kicks to use by walking on his own two feet in the future.

Ellen Surprises Waitress With $10,000 Check

Karma kicked in quickly for a kind waitress from Concord, N.H. named Sarah Hoidahl. She picked up the tab of two soldiers she was serving as a thank you for their service and never gave the good deed a second thought – until Ellen Degeneres called. Degeneres invited Hoidahl onto her show and shocked the waitress with a pricey surprise. Hoidahl left with a $10,000 check as a thank you for her simple, altruistic gesture.