Stephen M. Silverman
July 29, 2004 08:10 AM

Another day, another legal action for Justin Timberlake, who on Tuesday obtained a restraining order against a photographer who allegedly was stalking the pop star.

“It’s about time that somebody did something about these stalkerazzis,” publicist Ken Sunshine told the Associated Press, in reference to photographers who often pursue celebrities by car. “Unless somebody has the guts to carry this through legally, somebody’s going to get killed through these chases.”

Timberlake sought the restraining order July 7 against Artemus Earl Lister. There has been no comment from Lister.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Timberlake filed a libel suit against the Sunday British tabloid News of the World, after the publication claimed in a story that he was unfaithful to girlfriend Cameron Diaz.

Lawyers from the British firm of Schillings initiated the suit on Timberlake’s behalf after the News of the World, which reportedly stands by its story, refused the singer’s request for damages and a retraction.

As Timberlake told TV’s Access Hollywood about taking legal action: “Any time it goes to a certain level where I just feel uncomfortable with it, I think it’s necessary. … It’s really about principle.”

The 23-year-old pop star and the 31-year-old actress have been together for nearly a year, but on July 18, the News of the World ran a story in which model Lucy Clarkson said she spent two “sizzling nights” with Timberlake while he was in London and Diaz was in Los Angeles.

“Justin never met the woman in question, and we are confident a lot of money will be won for a wonderful charity when we win this case,” according to Sunshine.

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