Anna Webber/Getty
Andrea Billups
February 01, 2014 11:30 AM

Justin Bieber stepped out in N.Y.C. Friday night to join Super Bowl revelers, surrounded by plenty of security.

Fresh from a whirlwind Panama-to-Toronto trip after his Florida arrest for DUI – and after a brief border patrol detainment at Teterboro Airport Friday – Bieber entered the Maxim Super Bowl Party, sponsored by Talent Resources Sports, around 1:45 a.m.

Sources say the troubled pop star, 19, was denied entrance at other parties but was escorted through a back entrance at Espace and to a roped-off private table in the back of the room.

Security guards kept a watchful eye the whole night, and anytime a partygoer tried to take a photo with a camera or phone, the bodyguards swatted the device out of their hands or tossed them to the ground.

Despite his week of controversy, Bieber, who had lain low for a few days in his native Canada, seemed in good spirits, wearing a grey flat-brim hat turned backwards and sunglasses as he hung out with a group of blondes and some other pals.

He left the party around 4 a.m., hustled out to a back parking where he was met by fans and paparazzi.


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