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Jude & Sienna: New Turmoil

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A day after Jude Law and Sienna Miller were seen happily strolling together in London, the couple may have hit a snag.

On Thursday Miller was seen crying after she and Law emerged from a car in front of his London home. Reps for Law insist that Miller was upset by the hordes of paparazzi staked outside to snap the couple’s photo.

The scene was in contrast to the couple’s unity just a day before. On Wednesday, Law and Miller, who reportedly have been meeting in private to try to save their marital engagement after his admitted affair with his children’s nanny, took a very public walk across London’s Hampstead Heath, which was recorded by the paparazzi.

After the incident at Law’s home on Thursday, the couple were spotted together at the theater where Miller is starring in As You Like It.

London tabloids claim that, as their relationship heals, Law will escort Miller to her older sister Savannah’s wedding late next month.

Not that the couple’s snapshots are the only pictures of Jude making the rounds. A nude photo of the star spread like wildfire around the Internet earlier this week.

Several celeb blogs have posted the photo, which shows the actor as he appears to get dressed (or undressed), slipping into (or out of) shorts.

Law’s rep, Simon Halls, refused to discuss the photos with the New York Post, saying: “Oh please! The guy is on vacation in France with his kids. People need to give him a little bit of a break.”

Professionally, Law – who this week was also voted in a British movie goers’ poll as having the Top Tush in 1999’s The Talented Mr. Ripley – has finished All the King’s Men, which is set to open Dec. 16. He is now filming Breaking and Entering with Juliette Binoche.