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Joss Stone 'So Nervous' to Host Christmas at Home

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PA Photos/Landov

Joss Stone is hosting her family’s Christmas celebration for the first time – and she says she has a lot to live up to.

“I’m having Christmas at my house,” she told reporters at a Hard Rock Café London event to launch the chain’s Imagine There’s No Hunger campaign. “I’m going to host it for the first time and I’m so nervous. My mum did such a great job every year. The tree was gorgeous and all the Christmas presents and the Christmas breakfast.”

Stone, 21, added, “I always stay home for Christmas. I will never ever be away from my family. I love Christmas.”

The singer also spoke about the song she donated to the Imagine There’s No Hunger CD. She wrote the tune, “Love Has Made You Beautiful,” when she was 15.

“I think that as a young girl when you’re growing up you think, ‘I want to look like this and I want to be loved,’ ” she said. “You read these magazines and you see these pictures and they’re not real And you get upset with yourself for not looking like that. But [this song] is about the things that you do with yourself and your life that make you beautiful.”

She added: “If you do something good for the world, you’re a beautiful person. It’s not about the hair and the makeup. That’s all bulls—.”