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Isley Kasica
May 15, 2009 10:40 AM

We may be living in the age of digital dating, but Josh Lucas would much rather get to know his women on a personal level, face-to-face.

“If you don’t end up sitting down and really having face time, and saying ‘Hi, who are you, what are you about,’ smelling their breath and seeing how they taste, it makes a huge difference,” Lucas, 37, told PEOPLE at the Dentyne gum and Manhattan Theatre Club production of REALationships on Thursday.

But sorry girls, recently, the actor has been spotted around town spending some old-fashioned face time with actress Rachel McAdams, 30.

Though he tries not to, Lucas also admitted that he sometimes finds himself turning to his cell phone to make plans with a woman. “I’ll sometimes coordinate my life according to terms of, ‘Are you going to be somewhere, I’ll meet you there,’ with text messaging,” he said.” But these days, I am trying to stay away from it, particularly when it comes to anything personal at all. I find that when I do, it becomes totally misinterpreted. The tone of text messaging is missing something.”

Lucas does have one digital worry regarding his personal life – his BlackBerry falling into the wrong hands. “I absolutely do,” he said when asked if he had anything “bad” for someone to find. “That is why I have a serious lock on the thing. You would have to smash it.”

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