Alex Heigl
November 24, 2013 12:35 PM

Josh Hutcherson hosted Saturday Night Live, and while comparisons to Lady Gaga‘s stint last week are inevitable, we think Hutcherson acquitted himself nicely, even if he was mostly relegated to straight-man roles against some of the regular cast members.

Here’s Hutcherson’s monologue – which saw him poke fun at his Hunger Games character – and some of the other highlights from last night.

Beck Bennett’s "Body of a Baby" Sketch

It’s a pretty simple idea: Beck Bennett plays a businessman with the body of a baby. That doesn’t mean there’s any terrible CGI or creepy, superimposed baby heads, it just means he’s a grown man who has the physical aptitude of a baby and the loud, authoritative voice of a business executive. It’s played totally straight, and it’s one of the funniest, most ingenious sketches SNL‘s come up with this season.

Good Neighbor "Kyle Mooney" Short

Strange dance moves are a bit of a comedic crutch, but for some reason, it almost always works. And that’s basically the whole point of this bit. Occasionally, the laughs come from other place, like a dance crew called The Nightcrawlers (whose members are “Poco, Blade Tsunami, JB Rocks, Lil’ Freeze, and Professor Skillz”), but it’s mostly about the simple joy of goofy dance moves, and some quick-hit, absurdist jokes.

Haim’s Performance of "Don’t Save Me"

Haim’s groovy, clean tunes were a great palette cleanser after the Gaga/R.Kelly spectacle of last week. Sometimes it’s just really nice to see people play instruments, and it’s always a plus when they’ve got miles of great hair and really stellar “bass faces” like Haim. Electric drums never hurt either.

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