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Adam Carlson
January 23, 2016 11:40 AM

The winter storm dumping lots of snow all across the East Coast right now has been named “Jonas” by The Weather Channel – and those other famous Jonases aren’t letting the coincidence go unnoticed.

“Here I come. #WINTERSTORMJONAS,” Joe Jonas tweeted Friday, imagining himself as a (slightly hairier) Elsa, from Frozen.

Brother Kevin Jonas put in his own two cents (er, tweets), writing, “Hands off deez snowballz” and “Here we go” along with a photo of him as a snowman and a short video of him kicking the winter weather … in the face?

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Youngest brother Nick Jonas played it even cooler than the others, tweeting only, “So… Winter storm JONAS is coming. This is awkward.”

However, Nick was far away from the east coast on Saturday as he was promoting his new movie Goat at the Sundance Film Festival in Colorado.

When asked by PEOPLE about his reaction to the memes he laughed.

“Yeah, it’s embarrassing at this point,” Nick said. “It’s a lot. It’s funny though. I hope everyone’s safe and okay but it is really funny and bizarre that that’s happening the same weekend as this.

And, oh boy, were there a lot of memes.

Joking aside – and the TWC winter storm name is not an official name – the brothers Jonas reminded everyone that for some, the storm was no laughing matter.

“Be safe out there kiddos!” Joe tweeted.

With reporting by MELODY CHIU

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