Jesse North
July 09, 2008 11:20 AM

John Mayer might be keeping mum about his current steamy relationship with Jennifer Aniston, but the soulful singer opened up Tuesday night about a past relationship – with a nameless fan.

During an intimate performance at the Z100 Lounge at New York City s Spotlight Live nightclub for radio station Z100, Mayer was asked by a concert-goer if he had ever “hooked up” with a fan from a performance. Mayer responded, “Do you respect my honesty? Yes, I have.”

After a resounding response of approval from the crowd, Mayer laughed and said, “But that was before camera phones were around!”

The 30-year-old songwriter also commented on life in the public eye. “TMZ is made of some garbage items,” Mayer said. “I can’t be killed by garbage because I’m made of garbage. That’s the game and I’m okay with that.”

But Mayer said that he’s grateful for his career success and loves keeping himself busy. When asked about what it was like to write his hit “Say” for the film The Bucket List, Mayer said, “I loved the process so much that I began writing songs for movies that I wasn’t even asked to write songs for. I wrote a song for Wall-E called “Will Someone In This Piece Say Something!”

Mayer then serenaded the crowd at Spotlight Live with his hit “Say,” a cover of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’,” and “Waiting On The World To Change.”

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