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John Mayer Gives Fan a Birthday Kiss

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John Mayer was spotted kissing an unidentified girl on Saturday – but Jessica Simpson need not worry: The lucky kiss-ee was a fan in the audience at his concert in Oklahoma City.

During a pause between songs, Mayer commented on various signs held up by audience members. He read one that exhorted his bass player, David “DeLa” LaBruyere: “DeLa, Naked, Now.”

Then, turning to a female fan, he said, “Yours is a little more complex, multifaceted. ‘Sweet 16 and never been kissed. Wanna be my first?’ ”

Mayer paused, and then, to the screams of fans, climbed down from the stage and into the crowd, where he planted a quick smooch on the girl. (See the video here.)

Climbing back onstage, he said: “All right! … Congratulations. Happy birthday.”

Not in the audience was Mayer’s No. 1 fan, Jessica Simpson, who caught his show in Miami last week.