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Star Wars' John Boyega Was Once a Stock Photo Model and 'Used the Money for New Trainers' – See the Pics

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Chris Schmidt

Not that long ago, on a college campus not that far away, one student made a surprising discovery: John Boyega, currently staring in the biggest movie in American history, did a stint as a stock photo model.

Someone at the University of Nebraska spotted Boyega in ads around the school, and shared the discovery on Imgur.

It’s true: As photographer Chris Schmidt posted on Facebook in late December, Boyega participated in the Getty Images stock photo shoot long before he ever appeared in Star Wars (though it’s unclear exactly when).

John Boyega (front-left) in an education-themed stock photo
Chris Schmidt
“I did an education-themed stock photo shoot with a bunch of teenage students; it turns out John Boyega did quite well afterwards,” Schmidt wrote. “The force is strong with this one…”

Boyega, 23, confirmed the images, the usual stock photo fare of smiling students posed around a campus, in a tweet Friday.

Responding to a follower, he said that he used the money from the photos “for new trainers.”

John Boyega Had a Hysterical Reaction the First Time He Watched Force Awakens!

(Air Force 1s, according to a second tweet.)

All of this proves that Boyega is the kind of famous now where no one is going to confuse him with an extra.