Courtesy WSB-TV2/Atlanta
Alex Heigl
November 27, 2013 10:00 AM

Joel Hartman has been homeless for a year. He spent last Thursday sleeping in the woods outside of Duluth, an Atlanta suburb. He made it into Atlanta, and was looking for food in a dumpster outside the Omni Hotel when he found a wallet. What happened next is pretty extraordinary.

Hartman returned the wallet, which belonged to a French tourist, to the hotel. The Omni’s general manager, Scott Stuckey, found out, and released surveillance footage of Hartman’s honest gesture, which made it to the Internet.

Hartman eventually learned that the Omni was looking for him and returned to the hotel last week, where he was greeted by Stuckey, who had an offer for him: a room through Thanksgiving with room service and a $500 reward.

“It’s just for doing the right thing,” Hartman told WSB Atlanta. He intends to hop a freight train to Alaska when his stay at the Omni is up. Best of luck to you, Joel!

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