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Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato Fans Take Over Twitter


Kevin Mazur/VF1/WireImage

Demi Lovato has finally confirmed that she’s dating Joe Jonas – and no one’s happier than the Disney stars’ fans. Dubbing the Camp Rock duo “Jemi,” fans took over Twitter Monday, making Jemi a trending topic and Tweeting their support of the couple. Here’s just a sampling of what they’re saying:

Viiivo: Jemi is the best disney couple, they ar so beautiful JEMI IS SO CUTE! <3<3 LOV THEM

NileyGirlx: Really JEMI is my favorite couple right now. I can’t get over them ❤

peaceoutsara: #Jemi is gonna be together 4ever!

Minimuffinsjemi: I love waking up to Jemi pictures in the morning

EmmyLovesKevin: Now when we see Jemi hugging it’ll be different than when they weren’t together. Get me?

One fan even predicted that Jemi would beat another couple who met on a Disney set. “Jemi will be the new Zanessa… I’m just sayin,'” xDemiRose Tweeted.

Hear that, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens?

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