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#TBT Doppelganger Alert: Joaquin Phoenix and Girlfriend vs. Young Madonna and Sean Penn

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Who’s that girl?

No, it’s not True Blue-era Madonna, in all her peroxide blond glory. It’s actually 20-year-old DJ Allie Teilz, the latest love interest of Joaquin Phoenix.

Photos of the new couple strolling around Rome this week made us do a double take: The 39-year-old actor and his platinum-coiffed squeeze are dead ringers for a young Madonna and Sean Penn, who were married from 1985 to 1989.

In honor of Throwback Thursday (#TBT), we present this photo of the “Poison Penns” looking amorous in 1986. That same year, Madonna dedicated True Blue to Penn, calling him “the coolest guy in the universe.”

Though their marriage lasted only four years, their friendship – and their style – certainly lives on. We wish Phoenix and Teilz as good or better luck.