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Jimmy Fallon: So Let There Be Light

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Jimmy Fallon might have gotten mixed reviews for his hosting job on last week’s MTV Video Music Awards, but he has a chance to redeem himself, reports The New York Times.

Fallon, 29, is costarring with Jason Biggs, Christina Ricci, Stockard Channing and Danny DeVito for Woody Allen’s latest movie, “Anything Else.”

“When he directs you,” Fallon says of Allen, “you don’t know if you should laugh at him or listen to him.”

Allen, 66, also stars in the movie, as an insecure artist (“surprise,” interjects the paper).

The Times also notes that Fallon is capable of doing a perfect Woody “Noo Yawk” accent, and, at times imitating the filmmaker, Fallon recalled: “I remember he hit his head on a lamp, and then he said, ‘Ah, I’m hitting my head on the, ah, light fixture.’ And then he laughed and then he hit his head on the lamp again.”

“‘Ah, I’m hitting every lamp just for, ah, symmetry,'” said Fallon as Allen, explaining that Woody was “talking to no one. Just talking in the air.”

The “Saturday Night Live” veteran acknowledged that Allen’s behavior left him in a quandary. “I was asking everyone, ‘Are we supposed to laugh? Is he being serious?'”