Stephen M. Silverman
May 28, 1998 12:00 AM

Fresh from harvesting box office gold for his green turn as the star of “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” Jim Carrey, 39, is planning to change colors — by playing a blacklisted screenwriter in a ’50s period drama, “The Majestic,” says the Hollywood Reporter. Stripped of his ambition and the will to live, Carrey’s character leaves Tinsel Town and takes refuge in a small town. Filming starts next month in northern California, and the picture is slated to be released over the holidays later this year. Carrey’s love interest is to be played by Laurie Holden, 28, a former model best known for her occasional role as U.N. informant Marita Covarrubias on “The X-Files.” (Reportedly, one of her acting teachers was the late Robert Reed, star of “The Brady Bunch.”) Director Frank Darabont, 42, told the Hollywood Reporter, “She beat out a lot of people for this role, and I have to say I’m thrilled at the prospect of presenting a fresh face to the audience.” Like Carrey, Darabont is no stranger to the color green himself. He directed “The Green Mile.”

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