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Jessica Simpson Checks Out the 'Cute Doctors'

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At the hospital over the past few days to visit her “Nana,” who had a tumor removed Jan. 29, Jessica Simpson has been passing the hours admiring the “cute doctors” – and it looks like they are returning the attention.

On Monday the pop star – who’s single again – Tweeted: “Bored at the hospital. I think I’m gonna go look for some hot doctors. McDreamy? McSteamy? Clooney? Let the search begin ”

And it appears she found her medic – who delivered just the right prescription: a spelling lesson.

On Jan. 30, Simpson attempted to quote Bob Dylan when she Tweeted, “You can fake an orgasim [sic] but you can’t fake laughter.” Hours later, however, she clarified her message by saying that she meant “orgasm,” not orgasim.”

The fix came, she Tweeted, as a result of “one of the cute doctors here at the hospital informed me of my misspelled tweet. Hmm … was he hitting on me?”

Still, Simpson – whose VHI docu-reality series, The Price of Beauty, premieres March 15 – is there to be with her grandmother. On Jan. 29 she Tweeted that she didn’t like going back to her hotel and leaving her grandmother in her hospital room, “but I’ll b[e] back there tomorrow. Lovin’ on her. Nana is a fighter!”

To her fans – and the doctors, obviously – Simpson added: “Pls keep praying :).”
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