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Jessica Simpson

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She’s a reality-TV star and pop-chart topper, she’s met the President – and she has her own line of lickable perfume. So what’s next for Jessica Simpson? How about a variety show special for ABC (coming in April), a sitcom pilot and a new book, titled I Do: Achieving Your Dream Wedding? Simpson also just celebrated the successful re-release of her album In This Skin. Not bad for a “dumb blonde.”

She recently spoke to PEOPLE about her life with husband Nick Lachey, her shopping binges – and how things can get a little crazy at Wal-Mart.

Tell us about your variety show coming up.
It’s very Sonny and Cher. There’ll definitely be guest appearances. It’s all secret. It’s just that people will not expect what they see. It’s Saturday Night Live to the next level.

Do you and Nick relate to Sonny and Cher?
They were a very successful couple and I don’t think there’s really been another couple to come along to put their life out there in front of the public like they have.

You’re also working on a sitcom. How’s that going?
It’s basically reality meets script. My name’s Jessica Sampson on the show and it’s a lot of my personality, what you see on Newlyweds, but it’s me taking over 20/20.

We heard you and Nick were seeing a marriage counselor just to deal with all of the exposure. Is that true?
No. My dad’s a marriage counselor, so if we ever need any advice, we’d go to him.

We always see you and Nick fighting about $1,400 shoes. Is that real?
Nick and I have separate bank accounts on purpose. I don’t like him to see my receipts. I definitely work hard for my money. We do have a joint account. I don’t really normally take stuff out of the joint account because I’m secretive about what I buy.

What do you have on today?
Today is Jimmy Choo. They’re just white.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve bought recently?
I bought a new bag at Barney’s. I can’t remember (the name) – it’s a new designer. But look over there, that’s my new Louis Vuitton. That’s my security bag.

Tell us about your new tasty fragrance, Dessert.
I think guys will love to buy it for their girlfriends, and their girlfriends will love to wear it. I taste-tested all the flavors. I went through and approved every product. My favorite one is cream. It’s like vanilla cupcake.

How was your experience hosting Saturday Night Live?
SNL was the best thing Nick and I have done in our careers. It was the most nerve-wracking thing because everything is live, but it was the most exhilarating thing to walk out those doors. Right before they call your name you’re like, “Okay, this could either make my career or break my career.”

We heard your fans went a little crazy during a recent appearance at Wal-Mart.
I felt like Elvis Presley. They were on top of my hood. I had thousands of people surrounding the car. It was insane. I’ve never experienced fans like that. It’s kind of weird and scary and amazing at the same time. I actually I started crying because it was kind of a fear but excitement at the same time.

How do you feel about the whole ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype?
I was definitely given a hard time in the beginning. I think the Chicken of the Sea – it really just threw people. But I think people have now come to realize we all say something and if the whole world heard it, we’d all get caught. I’ve had people catch themselves in the middle of things and be like, “Oh my God, I just had a Jessica moment.”

But I’ll be the ditzy character. It’s fun for me. I have been my entire life. It’s how I got the boys.