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July 10, 2008 11:30 AM

Though boyfriend Justin Timberlake swears there isn’t anything of the sort in the works, Jessica Biel says that she’d welcome a loving marriage and kids.

“You know, the actual idea of signing those papers and doing all this stuff about it, I’ve never been someone who’s like, ‘I have to, have to, have to have it,'” the 26-year-old actress says in the latest Harper’s Bazaar. “But the idea of being with somebody I care about, who’s my soul mate, that sounds groovy.”

As for becoming a mother someday, the actress says, “it’s something that I feel is a rite of passage as a woman.” If she eventually has children, she says she’ll aim for a balance between family and career.

“Why can’t I have both? Why can’t I have everything?” she adds.
Michael Y. Park

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