Stephen M. Silverman
March 27, 1998 12:00 AM

Karin Stanford, 39, the mother of the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s out-of-wedlock daughter, has told Chicago’s two major newspapers that she has never asked for nor received any money to keep quiet about her affair with Jackson. Stanford said Jackson’s lawyers asked her to sign confidentiality agreements, but no money was attached to the requests, according to the Windy City’s Tribune and Sun-Times. She also said she didn’t sign them. “I really need to clear up some misinformation about me,” said Stanford, an author and former professor. “I’m not a blackmailer. I’ve never received any payoff money.” Jackson’s spokesman confirmed that no money was offered. Stanford has sued Jackson, 59, seeking to formalize a child support agreement. Jackson has been sending $3,000 a month to support his daughter, who turns 2 years old this month. “Please don’t call me a mistress,” Stanford, who is said to have a $100,000 annual salary from one of Jackson’s organizations, told the Trib. “That implies I’m a kept woman. I am not that.”

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