Stephen M. Silverman
June 22, 2004 03:00 PM

Boston Public and Star Trek: Voyager actress Jeri Ryan, the former wife of Illinois Republican Senate candidate Jack Ryan, claimed in divorce documents filed in California that he pressured her to perform sex acts in clubs while others watched and that she angered him by refusing, according to published reports.

In the papers, Jeri Ryan acknowledged her own infidelity, which she said took place after her nearly 8-year marriage to the millionaire investment banker-turned-teacher was irretrievably broken. The two have a 9-year-old son, Alex, and are engaged in a custody fight over him.

In a news conference, Jack Ryan denied his ex-wife’s allegations, saying he had been “faithful and loyal” to his wife, and he refused to comment further, the Associated Press reports.

Jeri Ryan charged that her husband took her on surprise trips to New Orleans, New York and Paris in 1998 and that he insisted she accompany him to sex clubs in each city.

Recalling a New York club, Jeri Ryan said in the documents: “It was a bizarre club with cages, whips and other apparatus hanging from the ceiling.” After she refused to consent to her husband’s desire that she perform in front of others, the couple left, according to legal papers.

For his part, Jack Ryan responded: “I did arrange romantic getaways for us, but that did not include the type of activity she described. … We did go to one avant-garde nightclub in Paris which was more than either one of us felt comfortable with. We left and vowed never to return.”

The court unsealed the damaging documents on Friday, after which Jeri Ryan issued a statement praising her ex as a good man and loving father. “We maintain a good relationship and I consider Jack a friend,” she said, in part.

Since the disclosures, Jack Ryan has tried to shore up support from Republican leaders, but one Republican member of the Illinois congressional delegation has asked that Ryan withdraw as a candidate.

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