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Jennifer Love Hewitt's Pregnancy Brings Out the Love in Readers

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Readers are in love with Love: the announcement that Jennifer Love Hewitt is expecting her first baby got the most hearts pumping of any story this week.

And it was the luck of the spin – and an amazingly lucky guess – by a $1 million Wheel of Fortune winner that rightly triggered the wow factor.

Here are the five stories that sparked the strongest reactions from readers over this past week – the news that made you happy, sad, laugh out loud, awestruck and even angry.

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Love It’s not just the stork who delivers, because readers sent Valentines to Jennifer Love Hewitt, who announced she’s pregnant with her first child. Dad-to-be is actor Brian Hallisay, who also is now her fiancé.

Wow Good fortune was with Wheel of Fortune contestant Autumn Ernhard, who, with very few clues to go on, took home $1 million after solving the puzzle with “Tough Workout.” How easy it was for her amazed readers.

Sad Wednesday’s shocking news that 15-year-old Paris Jackson’s attempted suicide left readers in a state of distress, wondering how life for Michael Jackson’s daughter could have taken such a turn.

Angry LeAnn Rimes‘s admission that she made “some really bad choices. I caused hurt” may have had readers agreeing with her, but they apparently didn’t like that what she did happened in the first place.

LOL Brad Pitt got the last laugh this week, when he provided some clue as to what he gave Angelina Jolie for her 38th birthday. (Hint: He said that one of the gifts – she always gets three – was something dirty.)

Be sure to check back next week for another must-read roundup. Until then, see what readers are reacting to every day by clicking here.