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Jennifer Aniston Says She Went Through an Awkward Phase in Her 30s (We Investigate)

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We’d rather not talk about our awkward phases, mostly because we might still be in them. (Hey you, don’t laugh – it’s not a mullet, it’s a way of life.)

So we were especially impressed when Jennifer Aniston, full name Jennifer “America’s Sweetheart” Aniston, openly talked to Parade about hers.

“I don’t think I had a care in the world at 25,” the actress (and bride-to-be), now 44, tells the magazine. “That all started in my 30s, my awkward phase.”

That’s odd … We don’t recall Aniston sporting neon scrunchies, recklessly sized sweaters or anything resembling a mullet back in her so-called awkward phase, which would have begun in 1999. Let’s investigate.

Here’s Jen at 32

Evidence No. 1
Aniston was 31 when she tied the knot with Brad Pitt in 2000, and although we probably don’t have to remind you what happened next – hint, hint – let’s just agree that there was nothing awkward about being the ultimate Hollywood power couple.

Here’s Jen at 35

Evidence No. 2
You guys, there was a reason we put her on the cover of 2004’s Most Beautiful issue. Did we mention the reason was obvious, blatant and a no-brainer?

And Jen’s Still Not Awkward at 35

Evidence No. 3
“Look how awkward she looks in her bikini!” said nobody, ever.

Now Here’s Jen at 37

Evidence No. 4
The only thing awkward about this photo is that guy’s hand on her back. Seriously, man, hands to yourself, okay?

Wait for It … Wait for It …

Evidence No. 5
Months later: Nope, still not awkward.

And, no surprise here: Not much has changed.