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Kathy Ehrich Dowd
August 16, 2013 09:55 AM

Move over, Borat. There’s a new awkwardly funny interviewer on the loose – just ask Jennifer Aniston.

The still-engaged actress, 44, participated in a painfully awkward yet amusing on-camera interview with Chris Stark of the Scott Mills Show on the BBC’s Radio 1 while promoting her latest comedy, We’re The Millers.

Stark’s strange line of questioning touched on everything from whether she has “a list of ‘normal’ people that you fancy?” (since, as he told her, she is in the top five of most men in the U.K.). Her answer? No.

He also asked what kind of research she did for her role in the film as a stripper. “Like, I wasn’t sure if you do a role like that if you have to go to places like Prague?” he inquired.

“No, for this one you didn’t have to dig that deep,” she replied, in what appeared to be a mock-serious tone. Stark then launched into his own story about visiting a strip club in Prague and eating steak while watching the entertainment.

“Sounds very sort of caveman-like,” she said with a straight face.

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Earlier, Aniston told Stark she didn’t need to prepare much for her role as a stripper because “did that in my 20s … it’s all in my head.”

Later, Stark told the bemused actress that her name is an anagram for “finer, not in jeans.”

He also gave her a personalized jersey from his favorite team, the Watford Football Club.

This is not the first bumbling celebrity interview for Stark. In March, he awkwardly interviewed Mila Kunis, eventually asking the star out on a date in a video that went viral.

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