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Jennifer Aniston Calls 'B.S.' on 'Lonely Girl' Title

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PA Photos/Landov

Don’t call Jennifer Aniston a lonely girl, or you may get a choice word or two from her.

“It’s just their headline of ‘Lonely Girl’ that’s sort of bulls—,” Aniston, 40, told E! Online, referring to her interview in the September issue of Elle.

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The interview, in which Aniston talks about her love life, was conducted by her best friend and producing partner, Kristin Hahn. “I’m not going to ignore the pink elephant in the living room. It’s fine. I can take it,” she told Hahn. “If I’m the emblem for ‘this is what it looks like to be the lonely girl getting on with her life,’ so be it.”

But speaking recently with Daily 10‘s Ben Lyons, Aniston took issue with the title the magazine editors chose to call the story – “Lonely Girl.” “I agreed to do it because how many times have I done an interview – every time – and you’re misquoted and stupid sound bites get taken out of context and all of that … still happened with this. It’s unavoidable.”

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But Aniston, who currently stars with Aaron Eckhart in Love Happens, has learned to laugh about these things. “I’m not upset about it,” she added. “I just find it funny.”