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Jenni Rivera: New Album Marks Anniversary of Her Death

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Reed Saxon/AP

Jenni Rivera‘s new album will be released on Tuesday, almost a year after she was tragically killed in a plane crash in Mexico.

The record features songs from her last concert in Monterrey, Mexico, according to a release by Universal Group.

Rivera performed at the Monterrey Arena on Dec. 8, 2012, just before boarding a plane bound for Toluca, Mexico, which never arrived.

The Learjet carrying the 43-year-old and six others, including her publicist, her lawyer and her makeup artist, lost contact with air traffic control about 60 miles away from Monterrey. The plane’s wreckage was discovered in Nuevo Leon and there were no survivors.

The album includes a song called “Dos Botellas De Mezcal” (“Two Bottles of Mezcal”), that begins with Rivera singing, “When I die, how I’d appreciate it if you put two bottles of mescal on my tomb .”

The singer penned a memoir called Unbreakable that was published in July and touched on the many struggles she faced, including rape, a suicide attempt at 19, domestic abuse by her first husband and her mother’s miscarriage.

The performer’s sister, Rosie Rivera, said that reading the memoir helped her with her grief.

“I miss my sister every moment, but on days that I want to feel her close, I open a book written in her own words, and feel her right next to me,” Rosie said in a statement in February.