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Jeff Leaves Survivor's Ulong Tribe

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OUSTED: Ulong lost Jeff Wilson, the 21-year-old personal trainer from Ventura, Calif., on Thursday night s episode of Survivor: Palau. Jeff asked to be removed from the contest once he injured his ankle, which he decided would not heal in time to help the game. Once eliminated, Jeff, still loyal to his tribe, declared: “Ulong, it’s time to take Koror to the cleaners!” Oddly, it was Kim who thought she was going to get the boot by the tribal council. “I’m feeling vulnerable,” she said. “I mean, there’s no telling of what might happen. I definitely think there’s a chance that Jeff’s going to be here tomorrow.” Wrong.

ACCOMPLISHED: Millionaire Steve Fossett, 60, became the first person to fly solo non-stop around the world on Thursday night, touching down in Kansas after 67 hours – the final 24 hours of which it was looking as if he’d have to ditch into the ocean because of a lack of fuel. “I’m really a lucky guy,” Fossett, a former Chicago options trader, said after touchdown. “I got to achieve my own ambition.”

INJURED: Kenny Chesney, 36, tore a ligament in his right ankle after falling down stairs in his Nashville home, forcing him to postpone the first week of his “Somewhere in the Sun Tour,” slated to kick off next Thursday. “He’s going to have to play sore – with his ankle taped or with a brace under his boot,” the country star’s physician, Dr. Burton Elrod, said in a statement, “but he’s like an athlete who can perform with some pain. He wants to get back out there and because he’s so athletic and in such good shape, he is going to heal a lot better and quicker than most people.”

FILED: Days of Our Lives star Deidre Hall, 57, has filed for divorce from her producer husband Steve Sohmer, reports TV’s Extra. This will be her third marriage to end in divorce. The two were married in late 1991 and had two children, both born via a surrogate mother. Sohmer has served as president and CEO of Columbia Pictures and as an executive vice president at NBC.

DIED: Joe Carter, 78, a member of music’s famous Carter Family, died of cancer Wednesday at his home, reports the Associated Press. Carter, a cornerstone of the preservation of old-time mountain music, helped build the Carter Family Fold in Hiltons, Va. “They broke the mold when they made my Uncle Joe,” Rita Forrester, a Carter Fold executive and Carter’s niece, told the Kingsport Times-News.

DENIED: Alex Kelly, 37, whose case drew international headlines when he fled to Europe to live a playboy life immediately before his 1987 trial on rape charges, was denied parole on Thursday, when he pleaded before Connecticut officials that he be released halfway through his current 16-year sentence. The former high-school wrestling champ is expected to remain in prison until he is released for good behavior in May 2008, reports The New York Times. Two of his victims argued to keep him incarcerated at Thursday’s highly emotional meeting.