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'JaredHugginLeto' Is the Newest Weird Meme You Need to Know About

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Brian To/WENN

Just when you thought the world was safe from any more Jared Leto memes, the Oscar winner innocently posted this picture of himself hugging a tree on his Instagram, and the world has never been the same since.

People picked up on the easily-Photoshopped image and quickly started adding Leto to a variety of situations, like

Jared Leto hugging one of Denaerys’s dragons, for instance, using the hashtag #JaredHugginLeto.

Other popular choices include:

Grumpy Cat

Unicorns, dolphins and rainbows

The sad Brazil fan (our personal favorite)

Leto’s own beard (Leto-ception?)

and major U.S. landmarks.

Fittingly, Leto’s aware of the trend; he’s even re-grammed a few from his own Instagram account, including

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