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Jamie-Lynn Sigler Is 'Glad' She Didn't Have Kids with Her Ex

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America’s favorite mob daughter may be nearing 30, but Jamie-Lynn Sigler claims she’s set on “having a second twenties.”

After marrying young and then divorcing, the 27-year-old Sopranos actress tells this week’s Page Six Magazine, “I think I deserve to form my own life now.”

In her early 20s, she explains, she was “often misguided and misled,” and her 2003 marriage to A.J. DiScala was no exception.

“I was told what I needed to be in every given moment – what I should and shouldn’t say. It was such a weird thing when I was 21 or 22 and just getting into the world,” she says. “I didn’t know who I was. I was living in an idealistic dream world – like, ‘I have a successful show and this handsome man, and I’m 22 and I’m getting married and may have a baby next year!’ ”

She quickly adds: “But, man, am I glad we didn’t have children.”

As for gossip items that have circulated about her dating life after a well-received guest spot on HBO’s Entourage, all Sigler will reveal about her costar (and onscreen hookup) is, “[Jerry Ferrara] is a very special person, and I’ll leave it there.”

Being single isn’t easy for her, she admits. “I’m not a good dater. It takes a lot for me to even want to kiss someone. I have to have a connection, and those are rare for me.”

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