Stephen M. Silverman
October 03, 2007 10:00 AM

(Video courtesy of NBC)

There will be no hiding from the big 4-0 when Jamie Foxx turns the landmark on Dec. 13 – because the Ray Oscar-winner plans to party.

Referring to himself and actor-rapper Ludacris (a.k.a. Christopher Bridges), who turned 30 on Sept. 11, Foxx tells Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday’s show: “We are going to go all over the globe. We’re coming door to [your] door. We’re going to get a bus. I’m coming to you.”

Vows the upcoming birthday boy, “I’m just going to go nuts. I’m gonna drink 40 ounces. Everything is 40.”

To celebrate, “I’m going to get an electric blue suit on – no shirt. Mohawk,” says Foxx. “I’m going to start at Ellen and get to Miami. Gotta get that salsa.”

For his road trip, “I’m gonna do it New Jack City thing, because that’s my favorite movie. So I’m doing like Wesley Snipes. I’m going to be Nino Brown,” says the Sagittarian.

“Anybody?” Foxx queries the audience on its knowledge of the movie – which apparently is negligible. “I guess not,” says Foxx. “New Jack City. Yeah. Plus, he had the best lines in that movie … ‘See ya, I wouldn’t want to be ya.’ ”

“That’s gotta come back,” DeGeneres dryly quips about the old expression.

Later fielding questions from the audience, Foxx is asked to name his favorite potential duet partner.

“I would love to do a duet with Halle Berry,” he replies. “She doesn’t sing, but let’s have her stand there and we’ll make something up.”

When DeGeneres suggests, “Alicia Keys would be great,” Foxx responds, “Alicia Keys would be great, but I’ll tell you what would be so funky … if Prince and I got together, it would be crazy.”

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