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Personal Injury Lawyer Creates Indescribably Epic Super Bowl Ad

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Jamie Casino is a personal injury lawyer in Savannah, Georgia. But his Superbowl ad makes him seem like an equal mix of the Punisher, Serpico and Optimus Prime.

Jamie’s brother Michael was fatally shot in 2012. According to Casino’s ad, the Savannah police “deceived the citizens of Savannah” regarding his brother’s murder, so he decided to turn his criminal defense practice (illustrated in the video by a man handing him a large bundle of cash) into a personal injury practice (illustrated by Casino shown swinging a flaming sledgehammer with his brother’s name into a tombstone).

The 2-minute ad seems to cram every single action movie cliché of the past 25 years into its brief running time: There’s heavy blues-rock, grainy newspaper headlines, roses on a grave, a Bible passage, a scene in a church, and finally, Casino shown watching his young son while he sleeps. He also wears sunglasses and a leather jacket.

It is, quite simply, the most epic personal injury attorney commercial we’ve ever seen. And that is not a statement we make lightly.

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