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Ken Lee
March 06, 2007 07:00 PM

Jason Wahler, a star of MTV’s The Hills and formerly of Laguna Beach, was sentenced Tuesday in Los Angeles to two months in jail for the beating of two men.

In September 2006, Wahler was traveling in a car with friends when their vehicle was blocked by a tow truck attempting to move an illegally parked car.

Wahler, whose blood alcohol level was .22 percent at the time, got out of the car and punched one of two tow truck drivers and one city employee, authorities said.

One of Wahler’s companions also allegedly kicked one of the drivers and spit in his face.

According to prosecutors, Wahler, 20, used racial slurs during the altercation. Wahler is white. Two of the victims are African-American.

Wahler pleaded no contest to one count of battery. In addition to jail, he was ordered to attend a one-day program at the Museum of Tolerance.

A rep for Wahler was not immediately reachable for comment.

In a separate incident, Wahler was arrested late Friday night in Greenville, N.C., for underage drinking and resisting a public officer during a raid against a local nightclub.

Wahler was released on $1,000 bond several hours later.

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