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Jackson Trial: Accuser's Sister Testifies

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The 18-year-old elder sister of Michael Jackson’s accuser is due to face cross-examination Friday, following her testimony that the star’s associates tried to control her family’s whereabouts for a month in early 2003 and that she had caught Jackson serving alcohol to her brother in a bedroom littered with bottles.

She also said that there was a private chamber “with sleeping bags” leading to a wine cellar behind a video arcade at Neverland Ranch. The door to the passageway, she testified, was hidden by a jukebox.

“I’d always see them go down there,” the college freshman said of her two brothers. “They’d come up with cups.”

The teen told jurors in Jackson’s child molestation trial on Thursday that the pop star suddenly had the family flown by private jet to a Miami resort where he told them to not watch a documentary airing that night that featured him and members of the family.

She also told the jury that on the flight back, Jackson shared a soda can with her cancer-patient brother, then 13, and also gave him a watch and a jacket decorated with sparkles, reports the Associated Press.

Prosecutors say the singer conspired to hold the family captive to make them help dispute claims made in the documentary, and that Jackson spiked the soda with wine and used the gifts as bribes to keep him mum. They also allege the boy was molested twice in the weeks after the program aired.

Asked if she recognized Jackson in court, the witness looked grimly at him and replied “yes.” Otherwise, she avoided eye contact with Jackson – who, as he left court Thursday was asked by reporters how it felt to see the young woman again.

“Interesting,” he said, then added, “Frustrating.”