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Jackson Suffers a Legal 'Reaction'

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Michael Jackson just had enough, says the superstar’s lawyer. The 44-year-old hitmaker was briefly — and mysteriously — hospitalized Wednesday in Indianapolis, where he was scheduled to give a deposition in a copyright lawsuit.

Jackson fell ill prior to the start of the case, and was taken to the hospital and treated for dehydration before returning to Los Angeles, Reuters reports. The deposition was postponed.

Brian Oxman, an attorney for Jackson, said the singer had simply reached the end of his rope concerning the legal action against him.

“Some people react to food. Some people react to lawsuits. I have seen this before. He gets upset, he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t eat, he can’t sleep,” Oxman said. “It gets to the point where he just can’t stand it. He is exhausted with this kind of thing.”

Not that there’s any end in sight. On Thursday, attorneys for the gloved one were expected to face off in a Los Angeles court over another lawsuit by a former manager who claims he is owed millions. Jackson was not required to attend that hearing.

“This is the kind of life that Michael leads. No one wants to be reasonable,” Oxman said.

All told, Jackson has been involved in more than 1,500 lawsuits in his career, including last year’s $21 million case over his canceled millennium concerts.