Stephen M. Silverman
June 16, 2005 08:00 AM

The Osbournes have one up on the Jacksons – who, days after the acquittal of Michael in his painful child-molestation trial, have been rejected for their own reality show.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, as the jury was still deliberating in the case, a family representative was trying to shop a TV deal for the California-based Jacksons, revolving around how Michael’s parents, Joe and Katherine, and his eight siblings stood behind him during the lengthy legal battle. A six-part series reportedly was proposed.

But the idea did not fly. “We were contacted,” a FOX rep told the trade paper. “We’re passing.” A spokesman for A&E Networks confirmed that the network had also been approached but declined the proposition.

“We were pitched and we passed,” said an ABC spokeswoman. CBS also received a knock on the door, say reports, though no statement came from the network.

Meanwhile, CNN welcomed Michael’s brother Jermaine Jackson, who said Wednesday that Michael is “at peace” as he rests up from the ordeal of his trial.

“Michael is recovering, but it’s a time (to) rejoice for the family,” Jermaine Jackson said on Larry King Live. “He’s at peace and we’re very happy.”

He added that his brother was “sort of not eating.” Pressed on the issue, he said his brother “was eating sandwiches and things like that but it was just very tough.”

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