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Jack LaLanne to Britney Spears: Shape Up!

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Vince Bucci/Getty; RAMEY

The godfather of physical fitness has some fatherly advice for Britney Spears: Her life is up to her.

“I feel sorry for her,” Jack LaLanne, at 93 still the poster boy for vitality, tells PEOPLE. “She has to develop pride and discipline in herself.”

That includes taking the lollipop out of her mouth. To LaLanne, sugar is toxic.

“She needs to put the right fuel in the machine,” he says. “No wonder she feels the way she does. Look at what she putting into herself.” (Don’t get him started talking about cigarettes.)

LaLanne also views Spears’s troubles as part of a larger problem in America, where physical fitness – which is keyed to mental and emotional fitness – has become a low priority.

“It’s got to start with young kids,” says LaLanne, whose every sentence seems to be part of a pep talk.

Fear of Success ‘Sickening’

With so many young stars checking in and out of rehab, “It’s sickening,” says LaLanne. “These kids can’t stand success. They’ve lost their pride. Anything that happens to you, good or bad, you make it happen.”

In particular, he decries the practice of laying blame elsewhere for bad feelings inside – especially when the finger automatically gets pointed at parents.

“The only thing we can blame our parents for is bone structure and the color of our hair,” says LaLanne. “The rest is up to us.”

LaLanne, who lives in scenic Morro Bay, Calif., is on a national tour for his new book, co-authored with retirement-financial advisor Matthew J. Rettick, Fiscal Fitness.

“Because we’re now living so long,” Rettick told PEOPLE at a New York cocktail party for the book – LaLanne didn’t imbibe, though he did say he and wife Elaine drink wine at dinner – “We need to properly prepare early on so we can afford it.”

With a reputed fortune of $100 million, Spears might also benefit by listening up.

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