Stephen M. Silverman
July 17, 2003 01:00 AM

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck may appear to be everywhere — but, in fact, they have granted only one joint interview to herald the launch of their first movie together, “Gigli” (pronounced Jee-lee), which opens July 30.

“Access Hollywood” host Pat O’Brien secured that exclusive interview, which will air Thursday as an hourlong “Dateline NBC” special, though there will be teaser takes from the Q&A that will run on NBC’s “Today” show and on O’Brien’s syndicated “Access,” USA Today reports.

The interview took place last Sunday at Affleck’s rented home in Vancouver, where Affleck, 30, is shooting the movie “Payback.” (Lopez, 33, is filming “Shall We Dance” in Winnipeg.)

Although the couple’s upcoming wedding (her third) is mentioned, the couple don’t mention where or when it will happen. But Ben’s actor-brother, Casey Affleck, and not pal Matt Damon, will serve as best man, and “I’m having something made,” Lopez says of her wedding dress.

Speaking about how they met on the set of “Gigli” (a romantic caper that has generated extremely poor word of mouth), Lopez, who was still married to dancer Cris Judd at the time, tells O’Brien about Affleck: “It felt like we had good chemistry. … You know what I mean? He liked to improv. I could improv back. He’s the best person to improv with in the whole entire business, really.”

Her comment reportedly prompts Affleck to respond: “Don’t be like my mom. Don’t do that thing where you’re like (in a woman’s voice), ‘He’s the best, he’s so good at … ‘”

Sums up Lopez: “He is, though. For real.”

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