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It Pays to 'Spy'

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“Spy Kids,” about small fries who keep a watchful eye on their parents, held its No. 1 box office position this weekend and is shaping into a very big hit. The crime thriller “Along Came a Spider,” based on James Patterson’s best-selling book, had a strong opening, while “Blow,” based on the true story of an American who in the ’70s helped rev up the South American drug trade, did respectably. The estimates, as reported by movie studios, for the weekend’s Top 10:

1. “Spy Kids,” $17.8 million
2. “Along Came a Spider,” $17.1 million
3. “Blow,” $12.5 million
4. “Pokemon the Movie 3,” $9.2 million
5. “Someone Like You,” $5.5 million
6. “Heartbreakers,” $5.1 million
7. “Enemy at the Gates,” $3.5 million
8. “The Brothers,” $3 million
9. “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” $2.99 million
10. “Tomcats,” $2.9 million