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Kate Hogan
January 21, 2012 08:30 AM

He tied the knot just seven weeks ago, but Isaac Mizrahi is already singing the praises of married life.

“It’s amazing,” the designer, 50, told PEOPLE during Thursday’s Project Runway All Stars panel at New York’s Paley Center. “I recommend it a lot.”

Mizrahi eloped with his partner of six years, Arnold Germer, at New York’s City Hall on Nov. 30. But the news of his nuptials didn’t make headlines until early January, when he appeared on The Wendy Williams Show.

“We told people, we didn’t keep it a secret we just didn’t announce it,” Mizrahi said, adding jokingly, “Somehow, when you tell something to Wendy Williams, she lets it out.”

The Project Runway judge told Williams that marriage wasn’t always a priority. “We didn’t think we wanted to get married until they said we could in New York,” he explained, “and then it was like, ‘We’re getting married!’ ”

And while he was happy to share his big news, Mizrahi wasn’t quite prepared for the attention his announcement received.

“I didn’t expect to go on [Wendy Williams] saying, ‘Hey, this is a secret, Wendy,’ but I certainly didn’t expect it on Taxi TV and PEOPLE,” he said. “But I’m thrilled.”

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