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May 23, 2014 08:15 AM

We named the dog Indiana.

The third installment of Steven Spielberg’s classic Indiana Jones series, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, was released May 24, 1989. The film introduced fans to Indy’s cantankerous professor father, showed us the origin story of Jones’s hat, and most important, taught a whole generation the importance of having one’s ticket readily available when traveling by zeppelin.

Join us as we relive some of the film’s most iconic moments (in GIF form, natch), paired with trivia sure to impress guests at your next Indiana Jones viewing party.

What, you guys don’t have Indiana Jones viewing parties?

“I know, Dad.” Fun Fact: Sean Connery was a scant 12 years older than Harrison Ford when playing his dad in this Last Crusade.

Connery was apparently always Steven Spielberg’s first choice to play Indy’s dad, largely for the inside joke it would’ve been to have James Bond be Indiana Jones’s father.

St. Barnaba Church in Venice is a normal church – the scenes set in the huge library (where Indy ironically finds exactly what he’s looking for under a giant “x”) were filmed elsewhere.

25-year-old Spoiler Alert: Speaking of Bond, the gun used to shoot Connery is a Walther PPK – 007’s signature pistol.

Connery refers to Ford as “Junior” 16 times in the film. Ford tells him not to call him Junior three times, and he is interrupted during the fourth attempt.

Harrison Ford recommended River Phoenix to play Young Indy based on Phoenix’s performance as his son in The Mosquito Coast in 1986.

Laurence Olivier was an initial choice to portray the Grail Knight at the end of the film, but sadly, was too ill to commit. (He died July 11, 1989 less than two months after The Last Crusade‘s release.)

The address on the package Indy receives implies that he teaches at Barnett college.

25-year-old Spoiler Alert: Alison Doody’s Elsa is the only one of Indy’s love interests to turn out to be a villain, as well as the only one to die by the film’s close.

The film’s classic “no ticket” line was referenced by Kevin Smith in 1999’s Dogma.

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