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Iggy Pop and the Seven Dwarfs

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Quirky American punk rocker Iggy Pop, 54, has flabbergasted organizers of an upcoming August gig in Scotland with his list of backstage demands, reports Edinburgh’s Daily Record. These include his desire for copies of The New York Times, broccoli and seven dwarves. Not that the former frontman for the Stooges intends to EAT the broccoli, says the paper. He hates it and wants only to toss it into the garbage. No word on his opinion of The New York Times, or for what purpose he intends to use the dwarves, other than the fact that he specified that they be dressed up like the seven little men in Disney’s “Cinderella.” (Actually, the seven dwarfs, as they were called, were in Disney’s “Snow White.”) Pop, whose real name is James Jewel Osterberg, also requested that his dressing room be stocked with pizzas, ginger beer, good red wine and a particular brand of organic cigarettes — although he doesn’t smoke, reports the Record. (Well, perhaps he has friends who do.) A spokesman for organizers of Pop’s performance in Glasgow said, “We all had a good laugh when we saw Iggy’s demands. It’s hilarious. Getting hold of seven dwarves isn’t exactly a tall order, but it won’t be easy.”