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Hugh Grant Hates Acting, Wants Marriage

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“Notting Hill” and “About a Boy” star Hugh Grant
— also no stranger to tabloid reports — may often play Prince Charming onscreen, but he insists that secretly he’s a cad.

“I’m full of poison and jealousy,” he tells Vanity Fair magazine. “Virtually no milk of human kindness.”

Despite that, Grant, 42, also hates acting so much that he’s ready to take a break and settle down.

“I’m ready, baby. I need to get married and have children,” he says.

“Put it this way … if I went to a party tonight and bumped into a fantastic girl, whereas three years ago it might have led to a short-term relationship, now I definitely keep my thoughts open to the idea of settling down. Definitely.”

Not that ex-squeeze Elizabeth Hurley would be a possibility: “She’s with another guy and, you know, we’re good friends,” he said. “But no, that train has sailed, as Austin Powers would say.”

As for his feelings about acting, he reveals: “I hate it quite a lot. All acting, but especially movie acting.”

Meanwhile, another sometimes cad-type, English actor-director Kenneth Branagh, 42, tells that his four-hour, 1996 Oscar-nominated “Hamlet,” starring himself, Kate Winslet and Julie Christie, will arrive on DVD next spring.

The play that Branagh directed, the farcical “The Play What I Wrote,” a London West End import, opened Sunday night on Broadway to mostly good reviews.