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Howard Stern Launches an Oprah Offensive

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More than 1,900 letters of outrage over an Oprah segment on teen sex have been dumped into the lap of the Federal Communications Commission – complaining that the broadcast was too racy for TV and demanding that Winfrey be cited for indecency.

So who might be behind the letter-writing campaign? Not some conservative right-wing group, but rather radio shock jock Howard Stern and ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, according to the Smoking Gun Web site.

As one typical letter states: “My twin 9-year-old boys … heard a description of how to please a man orally. Get on the ball and fine Oprah. The show was obscene.”

The FCC – which is unlikely to punish Winfrey or her TV outlets for the March 18 show, according to the Smoking Gun – has fined Stern several times for indecency. Fans, in their letters to the agency, note that they believe there is a double standard when it comes to issuing fines.

Clear Channel, which subsequently dropped Stern from six of its stations, was fined $495,000 because of the sexually charged content on his show.

Meanwhile, in other news of Stern, 50, TV’s Extra reports that Anna Nicole Smith, saying she was to have been a guest of Stern’s, arrived at his midtown Manhattan radio studios Tuesday only to be turned away by his producers because she had an unannounced TV camera crew in tow.

Smith, 36, claimed she was demanding an apology after Stern ridiculed her weight problem during their last interview. (She’s since dropped 69 lbs.)

When no apology was delivered, she and her posse were banished from Stern’s studios, and she later told him on the phone: “Oh, (bleep) you, Howard. You owe me an apology. You called me a big fat porker pig and tried to get me up on a scale. Does that get you off to call people fat? (Bleep) off, Howard! Goodbye and I’m leaving.”

Stern’s on-air reply about her? “She’s a big fat liar.”