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November 18, 2008 02:35 PM

Jessica Simpson has plenty to sing about.

Her little sister Ashlee is due to give birth any minute and her relationship with Dallas quarterback Tony Romo is still going strong after one year.

“He is a good guy,” she tells Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday’s show. “And he’s really just helped me along in life and taught me a lot about being comfortable being myself.”

Still, 28-year-old Simpson reveals, Romo isn’t the only Cowboy who’s caught her eye. “I grew up in Dallas so I … [had] a crush on Troy Aikman, who was the quarterback at the time,” she reveals on the daytime talk show. “The Dallas Cowboys quarterback, I think there’s a requirement, like you have to be good looking.”

But Romo is the “whole package,” she says, not just a pretty face.

“He’s taught me to calm down a lot,” Simpson says. “I’m not organized and he’s not organized either – but [he] does make me want to be organized for us.”

In fact, “we’re really a lot alike,” the “Come on Over” singer says. “I’m just more into fashion than he is!”

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Jessica picks out Tony’s clothing!

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